Day: March 14, 2023

Dance Classes For Couples Are The New Way To Love

Wedding reception, Sangeet, Marriage, Marriage Anniversary, College reunion or just Romantic time in the kitchen, a couple can have like any moments where they can or expected to dance. In moments like these, it looks cute to refuse to dance or to dance like it’s the first time you stepped on the floor, but we can make people awestruck if we dance like a pro. Why refuse when you can refuel the energy in the room by your performance. Dance classes for couples can even bring the spark in a relationship.

Why Dance classes?

If thoughts like ‘why dance? We can do other things also’, ‘we can learn dance from T.V or Internet’. It’s obvious that thoughts like these enter the brain but it is also obvious that like many of the New Year resolution this initiative will also be forgotten. But if we join dance classes for couples we get into a routine and once we are into that routine we automatically enjoy that routine. Dance not only brings the couple closer but also, helps to maintain the basic fitness.

Time for Science

Couples Dance Lessons

Dancing involves stretching and contracting of ligaments, movements of joints that increases the flexibility. Dancing also helps in fighting problems like depression, blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, and if couples do it together then it also helps in reviving the lost intimacy as well.

Lost Intimacy

A foundation of a relationship is trust, loyalty, love, accepting that it was his mistake and intimacy. Intimacy can be placed on the second rank in the list of important factors for a good relationship. First will be ‘accepting that it was his mistake’. One thing that makes mothers love different from wife’s love is the unique intimacy that the couple shares. A great man once said that lust is the road to love; well that great man never wanted his name to be known by the public because even he knows that how insensible this statement is. But it’s somehow the truth. Cases of infidelity exist because of lost intimacy between the couple. Dance classes for couples can bring back that lost intimacy. By joining these classes the couples not only increase that intimacy but also improve decision making the power of couples. We can soon realize with the help of the classes we can not only be good at dancing but also at handling the social situation.