V-Rooms (VaultRooms) VDR Review

Virtual data room is a highly functional tool that can be used in almost any customer-facing business for automation business transactions. This article is a comprehensive overview of VaultRooms VDR.

VaultRooms – a good alternative for data room software

Modern business realities are high competition and the need for entrepreneurs to look for new opportunities to increase turnover, retain customers and establish a clear, uninterrupted work of the company. IT technologies allow to solve many problems and create conditions for the most effective interaction with customers.

They are especially relevant in the current period when most companies have partially or completely switched to the remote work. In this case, one of the best options is a virtual data room like VaultRooms – a perfect system for well-organized remote work.

VaultRooms data room is a system that controls communication channels with customers, manages sales processes, automates and improves them. Following this, sales increase, and the profitability of the business increases. The main users of V-Rooms are large organizations, enterprises, banks, and all other structures whose activities are accompanied by a large amount of created, processed, and saved documents.

Maintaining customers in the data room system makes it possible to effectively build a dialogue with the buyer. Also, the implementation of the configuration significantly speeds up the decision-making process and helps to minimize errors in the execution of orders.

Working in a data room system allows you to respond to customer requests as quickly as possible. The database contains all the information about buyers and contractors. When you select the desired name, a client card opens, which contains a complete contact history:

  • date of signing the contract;
  • information about the client;
  • history of meetings;
  • purchase history.

Thanks to such detailed information about contacts with a specific client, any manager of the company can work with him. It should be noted that the system automates not only the registration of applications. V-Rooms reminds responsible managers about upcoming meetings with customers and the need to receive feedback on the purchase.

How does it work?

VaultRooms greatly simplifies the work of company employees and allows you to solve several important tasks:

  • Data security. The program is configured in a certain way before starting work. First of all, it concerns access rights. Each employee can view information only about those customers with whom he directly interacts.
  • Work control. The management, using the data room system, uploads detailed reports with statistical data on the number of sales, the number of transactions, and other performance parameters for each employee. In turn, managers no longer need to prepare this documentation, since all the necessary information is already in the database. Reports on the results of the work are generated automatically, just by pressing a few buttons.
  • Organization of the workflow. The data room s records information about all clients, the history of interaction with them, calls, correspondence, closed and ongoing transactions, etc. If one of the employees unexpectedly goes on sick leave while working with a certain customer, another specialist can easily open the database and quickly find the necessary information for further interaction with the person.
  • Application processing. The data room works in such a way as to receive the necessary information from all possible sources: calls, letters, applications from the site, etc. The program automatically assigns a salesperson to handle the request. A specialist has an urgent task in the working field, for which a certain time is allotted. If a result is not obtained during it, the manager finds out about it and takes control of the situation.